Thursday, February 26, 2015

Abram turns three

We got to celebrate this little man turning 3 at Jump n Jax.
He loves this crazy new place in town.  
We are so thankful for Abram.

Abram Jeffrey
You are spunky, silly, kind hearted, bashful, and sneaky.
You make my world more colorful every day.  You are definitely mommy's buddy.  You remind me often and call me your best friend.  I hope that never changes.  
You love trucks & tractors.  You love "man stuff"... being outside, dirt, digging, using tools like the hose, blower, etc.  You often like to help with big kid stuff.  
I pray you will always be strong and smart.  I pray the Lord works in your heart to big things!  

I love you Abe :)

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