Saturday, February 21, 2015

Under Construction

You know when they say "nesting" you assuming they mean getting a room ready, buying some pillows, maybe doing some spring cleaning?  Yeah... for me it means setting an obnoxiously high expectations for a deadline.

We have been planning our basement reconstruction for a long time now.  Estimates came in and we decided to tackle a few projects for ourselves to save money.  It always seem to work out this way.  So we are now under construction.  I wish I had some before pictures.  But picture a very large space covered in very old, very plush red velvet colored carpet.  You really couldn't notice many other details with it on the floor.  

We tore out the carpet and removed a partial wall plus hired a friend to come and add a small room for a playroom area and gut the bathroom.  We are well on our way to the more "fun" parts of renovation.  Jeff and Abe are laying the floor.  It is even more beautiful in person.  New paint is on the walls, too.  The problem is my deadline was before sis arrived.  That gives us just a few weeks.  Its not going to happen.  But a girl can dream...

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