Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas morning

 What an awesome Christmas morning!
Every year we wake early to give gifts and spend time together before the Cosby crew comes over for brunch.  We are trying to keep Christmas a bit low key.  Each child got 3 gifts from Mom and Dad and siblings got or made each other something special.  Plus Santa brought 1 gift, plus a few fun goodies like play doh and a fort kit.

Ayla got her own camera.  She has been taking pictures and videos all morning.
She also got STEM kits, a bow and arrow, a classic storybook

Abe got a new sensory box filled with beans to dig his trucks through & a digger, a real Buzz Lightyear, and helicopter book.  Santa brought him a real blower.  Our walks and garage looked great before everyone arrived.

Leah got a cool smart watch for kids.  It tracks her activity and has games and videos on it.  She also got a canvas & easel, a fairytale treasury book, and STEM kits.

Miss E got a new carseat and a walking push elephant.

Our annual family timer photo.
I always love these photos.  Maybe one day I will make a banner of each year.  One day it will be awesome to look back at them.

My four ducks in a row

Right before brunch I had to snap a picture of my sugar bear on her first Christmas.

I enjoyed every second of the crazy holiday.  I have noticed this break more than ever that my kids are growing up.  That means more fun, more responsibility, more fighting & yelling, more chaos.  I look forward to the Christmas' ahead.  

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