Saturday, December 12, 2015

Emilia Micah: 9 months

Emilia Micah: 9 months

You fit right in with our crazy crew.
I do not remember life before Milly...  and I don't ever want to.
You complete our tribe.

You are silly, spunky, snuggly, and sweet.
Lately, you are showing your bashful side and not really wanting to let others hold you.  I know soon enough you will not want Mommy so close. So I am enjoying it.

You like to chatter and talk.  Reminds me of Leah at this age.
You can say mama, dada, bubba, ay-a (ayla), bye
Using baby signs for "all done" and "drink"
You pull yourself to standing and do some cruising on toys and furniture.
Your crawl as turned into a very fast scoot on your bottom.
Sleeping is better some days and sketchy others.
You love food and prefer to feed yourself.  Most days you eat what we eat.

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