Monday, January 11, 2016

When I'm bigger

Lately, Abe has reminded us he is still little.
I have to be honest.  Abe can be hard to parent sometimes.  
He is strong willed, full of spunk, and laughs at the thought of consequence.
One day he will boldly stand up for his beliefs and speak his mind.
But, today, he is three.
He boldly stands up to his parents and speaks his mind.  And it just isn't cute.

One thing that Abe does, that bothers me, is yell out at bedtime.  We all the lights are dim and the big girls are trying to sleep Abe will holler out
 "I need you" 
You get the idea.

We often go up and tell him one more story or give him a warning for disrupting the quiet.
Last night he hollered out.  Jeff went up to check on him and told him to needed to quiet down and get some rest.  Abe looked his Daddy in the eyes and said,
"when I'm bigger I won't yell at bedtime but I'm still little"

Well played, Abe.

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