Friday, February 26, 2016

Abram Jeffrey is FOUR

My tiny boy is growing.  There is no denying it.
Today we celebrate his 4th birthday.

A little bit about the boy who has my heart....

He is rarely quiet, unless he is being sneaky.
He is silly, stubborn, and likes to be busy.
He is a helper.  

Abe likes all things BOY...
dirt, rocks, playing outside, trucks, trains, dinos.

Some of your favorites are
Paw Patrol, mac cheese, going to preschool, getting dirty, tools & tractors,
making messes and being outside

You LOVE your baby sis.  And she thinks you hung the moon.
Its a little different with your big sisters.  I believe you think they are here to take care of you. 
 I am sure this will change through the years.

You are mighty. You are head strong.
You love to snuggle Mommy.
I hope those never change.

I am so thankful I was chosen to be your Mommy, Abe.
I pray your light will always shine bright for the Lord.  I know you will do great things.
I love you.

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