Monday, February 8, 2016

Ayla Joy: baptism

Yesterday marked one of the best days of my life so far.
My baby girl, my first born, Ayla Joy chose to give her life to Jesus.  She decided to take the step to get baptized.  She has been asking questions and I could tell her heart had been moved to this decision for over a year now.  I kept wondering "is she too young" "does she understand" and "is she ready".
Ultimately, she began getting impatient with our many talks and asked "mom, when will you let me get baptized".  My heart sank.  I was holding her back because I was not ready for her to grow up.  But, she had already.

Ayla is an old soul.
She has a light so bright.

Ayla Joy
February 7, 2016
You became a kingdom worker.  I know your ministry will touch so many.
I love you so.

We celebrated the day with close family and a few friends.  I was surprised to see she had packed the house at service on Sunday.  She truly has touched others in her young life.  So many friends showed up to see her take this step.  I felt so loved.  All the way to the tip top by the blessings of friends and family.  My village :)

 We love you, Ayla Joy

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