Monday, February 15, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance 2016 & my valentines

my Leah, 6

my sweet Ayla, 8

don't they clean up nicely?

I can't quit looking at these images.  they are so beautiful and so grown up.  Sometimes I wonder where time has gone.  I love them so.

These 3 were jealous.
Who could resist a baby covered in yogurt?

and that smile...

I love the tradition of the girls going to the ball with their daddy.  They have the best time.  Jeff said usually they are at his side and begging for dances.  This year they scampered about and danced with their pals.  They are growing up.  I guess we still have Emilia.  Im hoping that my sneaky dude will want to go to the mommy son dance this month!

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