Monday, February 7, 2011

Life 365: 38

Today I made smoothies for breakfast. I dreamed about it. Yesterday I went to Walmart just to buy a blender (and lots of groceries). Any suggestions on recipes?
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Leah Robinson said...

Looks yummy!! I don't like fruit (yes I'm a freak) but I'd probably do a fruit shake!! It's something about the texture that makes it impossible to eat fresh fruit :(

Beth said...

We love fruit, but I am kind of lazy so we don't get out the blender as much as I'd like. I have also made sauces (roasted red pepper cream sauce, marinara etc) and soups and smoothies of course. Only once have I failed miserably, and it involved peanut butter. I recommend the Dole frozen mango (from Wal) with your fresh fruit. We often use orange juice as the liquid. Enjoy!

Ashley said...

I don't have any recipes but I do know adding yogurt makes them pretty tasty! Banana and strawberry are always a good combo and adding frozen yogurt or sherbert would probably be pretty good! Just some suggestions:)