Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life 365-Cabin Fever 32-34

Day 32. A "historic ice storm" never hits. But we are stuck indoors due to gloomy/rain/cold weather. I am trying not to harp so much on wanting spring to come. Because nothing I say or do will make it come any sooner. This was a great day though bc Ayla did this...
it is pretty rare for her to nap much lately. But I love it when she does. Boy, do I love naptime and a spoonful of peanut butter. Ps the Groundhog saw his shadow! YAY
Day 33: Called for cookies. We are officially not leaving the house, again. I missed baking since being on the diet. So I attempted a new recipe. I found a promising one. I used 100% whole wheat flour and maybe next time I'll try splenda or truvia? Regardless, these babies were grand. I didn't miss the crappy AP Flour. I will def make them again.
Whole Wheat Choc Chip Cookies w Oatmeal :)
Day 34: Snack time. I hear "snack" all day. Leah has learned to scale the pantry wall in order to gain access to any goodies on the lower level. Spunk. :) She wants to eat constantly. I remember Ayla's appetite being big around 2 also. I can't believe my baby is almost 2. Anyways, we had a little cookie leftover today.... they were just as good second time around!
Here's to the sunshine today :) If you get a quick second, say a little prayer for the Knepp Family. Today is Andon's 2nd birthday anniversary. We all remember how much his short life impacted our little world. I am so thankful to have known his story. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Andon. See you someday!


Leah Robinson said...

Again, loving and desiring those cookies =) hee hee In moderation that is!

Praying for Chelsa and the family!

Chelsa said...

those cookies look delish!

i agree-- naptime is GRAND! B rarely naps anymore since he goes to school full day now he's used to being up, but he does love a good movie in his room so that works too :)

Tera said...

Share the recipe please!! They look delicioso!