Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life 365:46

Ok. First off, I did NOT take this picture. Lots of you were asking questions about the type of dog we were getting. We put a deposit down on a litter of Goldendoodle pups. They are not due til April. But, we are really, Really hoping for a red one. :) They are precious pups. We are very excited. Most of all, I am excited to tell the girls, but it is too early for them. I would have to explain every day why we can't get our dog. Its a bday gift for them so we'll just wait. But, Jeff and I talk about it every night. We are so excited!


Jen said...

How exciting!! We are also looking for a dog, but waiting until the babe comes so the dog knows its place, if that makes sense. Also, I guess I better be saving my buckaroos because I only have eyes for little bully puppies! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you, you'll have to give me some puppy mommy tips! PS March 4th is on my calendar!

Chelsa said...

is that the type of dog ali gish has? b/c i always comment on how precious her dog is!!! do they shed a lot? we're looking for a good dog for the new house :)