Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life 365: 53, 54, 55

It was a ditch your diet, eat all the ice cream you want... kind of week

I was cleaning the house and found Aylas baby laying around. They are so sweet. I really needed to hear this verse too. Its funny the things you find when you aren't looking....

New beginnings.
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Beth said...

That cookie thing made me drool. I was blogging to keep myself out of the thin mints anyway.
Pretty flowers - but for no reason? Wow!
P.S Glad you're keeping up with the posting. Your pics brighten my day!

Jen said...

;) you've got a good husband.

Leah Robinson said...

I hope this week will be better for you hun! Let me know if you EVER need anything..I'm a good listener =)