Monday, January 31, 2011

Life 365: 30-31

So far so good... but, I have a feeling this 365 days of pics is gonna be hard as time goes on. 1 month down :) Only 331 pictures to post left. HA

Things have been busy, almost hectic, around here lately. I have practice or studio almost every night of the week. I try to reserve Thursday's as our official family day. But, I have had to practice the past 2 of those! Boo. But, that means dance is in full swing and no matter how much a moan I do love it. I will be traveling 6 weekends in a row, with 1 weekend off in the middle. Phew. 2 down and off to Crawfordsville this weekend..... or supposed to. We'll see what this "historic" ice event does to Indiana.
Otherwise, things have been fairly low key. Hanging, dieting/exercising still, Jeff picked running back up. Ayla & Leah can sing the days of the week. So cute. This Sunday we actually had FREE. No practice or running or anything getting in the way of just doing what we wanted. Jeff cleaned up the garage and had an excellant helper. I napped, cleaned, cooked, and worked on some things for the consignment sale coming up. It was a good day!
Day 30:
Now we just sit and wait to see what this weather is going to do. I have practice tonight and am not cancelling. I don't see any rain falling from that sky right now! ha So, we will see.
Day 31:
This cat wants to know when this so called "sleet" is coming...

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Chelsa said...

ohhh girl ialready think it's hard!!!