Monday, January 31, 2011

Life 365

Day 28
Friday mornings spent at the library
I love these times. The girls love books. They have a cute little program that gets us out of the house and interacting with others. Leah even loves it even though she is "technically" too young for the class. She sings right along and loves to hear the stories.
Another part I love is watching Ayla with her buddies.
I caught Ay & Mere holding hands. :)

Day 29
My Saturdays are usally spent on the dance floor.
I have traveled the past 2 weekends and have 4 more weekends left.
I will (hopefuly) have a break here or there, but not much!
My girls did amazing this weekend. I was a very proud coach.
During our team routine our music shut off about 30 secs into the 2min routine. It kept reverbbing (skipping).
They fumbled but kept going and finished their entire routine as if their music was playing the entire time!
No Joke.
In 6 years of coaching I have seen this happen a few times and am always like, "that's awesome". ha
Believe me, its not awesome when it happens to you. But I couldn't have been prouder. We got a standing ovation.
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Chelsa said...

the picture of the girls holding hands melted my heart! precious!

and the one of your girls (and their moves) is awesome! makes me wanna shake my booty :)

Erica said...

go dance team! wow i would have cried if the music messed up, who am i kidding i cant even dance! little ones holding hands= tear :)

Jen said...

Wow! Your girls look awesome! I am totally doing that move in my living...right now. Yeah right. Of course I want your guest pass, I was wondering if you'd pick me! :) I need to start getting stuff for this bebe, I suppose. What is the date? Going out of town (to meet PW!!) the last weekend in Feb on a friday night. And ding dong, lunch with you WAS LAST MONTH! I wrote a post about it (and the weekend) and didn't end up posting it because I always feel like it's a "look what I did" post...but seriously, that was a lot of fun, even if I did have a babe with me, and next time we need more than 2 hours. Actually, I am making plans to see my momma coming up and maybe we can hang one night? I'll call you...

Leah Robinson said...

oh my I couldn't imagine the music stopping :0 Great job Coach Courtney!