Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life 365: Day 11

We had a wonderful snowy day today. The girls begged to go out as soon as they woke. I urged them to wait til the snow stopped "falling from the sky". They were ok... kinda still kept asking, but waited. By late morning Mama realized it wasn't going to stop "falling from the sky". So out we went. It was kinda fun getting them dressed. It took 10 min to do that. We were out maybe 30 min. I lost track.
The girls had a great time. Ran around, ate snow, fell in it, and tried snow angels. We went in for hot cocoa while I cooked lunch. It was a good day. Shrimp Quesadillas. YUM. I have been on a "diet". I just started. I don't own a scale. Maybe I should? I just want to feel better and not be able to pinch so much. Ya know? We are going to Fla for spring break and want to feel good again. That's it. Its not numbers.
Want to know how the cool Mama's are making Cocoa?
1 pk cocoa mix per 1 c milk
Cool whip
Warm milk on skillet wisk constantly while warming. Don't stop wisking & don't boil your milk- just warm it. Once warm add cocoa mix and wisk. Serve with a dallop of Cool Whip.
Remember that's how the cool Mom's do it.... you want to be cool don't you :)


Brookeanne said...

I don't know if there's any redemption for me to be "cool" again ;)

Chelsa said...

I totally wanna be a cool mom like you :) I'm going to go make some right now!

Sounds like I should of came to your house for lunch. You had my FAVE!

More Every Day said...

I want to be a Cool Mom! :) I can't wait much longer!! Keep the cool mom tips coming for newbies like me! lol

Bethany said...

Hey Courtney - I noticed your doing Life: 365 on your blog. I do the same via photos in an album with Becky Higgins Project Life. This will be my second year participating. When I look back at my album from last year - it is awesome to see how our lives have changed already - just from one year ago!

Jennifer said...

ha ha, I read your post, but somehow totally missed your hot chocolate recipe! Love the cool whip idea!