Monday, January 10, 2011

Life 365: Day 9 & Day 10

Today we cuddled and watched alot of movies... I love doing this.

Which leads to my LOVE of Netflix. Right now Jeff and I are watching Lost Season 2 almost every night. :)


Jennifer said...

LOST is the best! We started on Season 1 and spent an entire year watching the whole series and it was lovely. Especially the finale. And Netflix is the best thing ever, too. We hooked it up to our Wii and watch seasons of shows on TV. Amazing. :)

Brookeanne said...

We just started Netflix this week and are loving it as well! So much easier than worrying about getting DVD's from the library for the kids! Glad you guys had a great day! Hope you guys enjoys this gorgeous snoy day! I'll play a little Josh Groban and think of you later ;-).