Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life 365: Day 20

Another snowy day.. :) I get serious SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It's kinda sad. hehe But for some reason the snow is good for it most of the time. Today we got a bounty of snow. I am guessing 5 in? Its still coming down. I kinda like it except I have a very important weekend coming up! We need to practice it will be our first time out this year.

Dance will be in full swing after this weekend. I will be traveling every Sat for about 6 wks, with 1 wk off. But, I am really excited. I have some really talented solo/duets going out for the first time :)
Back to our snowy day. The girls and I sweet talked Jeff into taking a long lunch to go out with us. We love his job and the flexibility it brings. He hadn't been able to take the girls out in the snow yet this year and I just didn't what him to miss it.
We do live in the Midwest, you know? It could be 70 next week. I wouldn't count on it. But you never know :) For now, I am going to try to stay positive on the winter wonderland.

This last photo is for my lovely friends who commented on my unending beauty yesterday! ha Go ahead, look real close. No make up, under eye circles, laugh lines, and loads of wrinkles. hehe But, I am what I am. I am glad you all love me regardless and for that (and other reasons) I love you guys more. Thanks for all the sweetness....


Chelsa said...

i get sad too. seriously. winter is NOT good on me.

and you must be smokin' some crack, b/c if i looked half that gorgeous w/out make up i'd be excited!

Brookeanne said...

This weather stinks :-(. Kids look adorable! You look great... wish I could get away with no make up!

More Every Day said...

Courtney, You truly are beautiful! Inside and out! Sometimes I just can't handle your cuteness! :) Personality included! I really enjoy getting to know you better through fb and the blog world. Maybe someday we will get to live closer. I am hoping. You want to know a secret? It's a deep dark secret of mine..... when I get the seasonal depression... I really want to go and jump in a tanning bed! shhhhh!!! LOL

Erica said...

Girl u are beautiful!! I don't even see a wrinkle!