Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life 365: Day 24

Mama's all-time fave snack. OOOOooooh How I love u popcorn.
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More Every Day said...

Me too!!! I hate it that Andrew doesn't share the same popcorn craving. But he will share a buttery tub with me at the theatre. However it will be a long time before we go see a movie again with little Mr. You must try the popcorn place in Vincennes, called Pop around the clock. My mom brought me a 3 pound bag of their buttery toffee to the hospital. Oh yeah, I'm that obsessed.

Jennifer said...

I am totally with ya...but only the kind made on the stove with just a little salt. LOVE IT.

Beth said...

Omigosh, we eat popcorn several nights a week. Pete makes it on the stove, but the other night he was gone so I tried, and it tasted like crunchy burnt bugs (or what I imagine crunchy burnt bugs to taste like). I was bummed. I would rather have artificial butter at the movies, but we never go. Sometimes I look forward to the popcorn more than the movie. More than you wanted to know about me, I'm sure. Let me remind you how glad I am that you're doing 365! XOXO