Monday, January 3, 2011

Life 365

There are 365 days a year and most days around here are pretty boring. Regardless, that doesn't mean I want to miss a moment of it. This year flew by! Here are my favorite monthly moments of 2010....

January: Ayla sledding for first time

February: My dancers placing 2nd place at our regionals

March: Jeff & I trip to Mexico to celebrate 5 yr of marriage

April: Leah turned 1! Ayla got tubes placed in her ears.

May: Ayla turned 3! Leah got her ears pierced

June: Annual trip to French Lick

July: Annual 4th of July party

August: Ayla started dance class

September: Jeff's 31st bday

October: Jeff ran his first mini-marathon

November: First trip to Vegas!

December: Christmas at home as a family, completing crafts and baking almost everyday

Now that we've started a new year, I am going to attempt a new attitude. I am going to document our life daily. I call it Life 365. I plan on taking a picture a day of my kids, family, friends, events, sights, etc. This may be on my cell or camera. I will try to post everyday, but I already know that will NOT happen. :) Wish me luck. Id love everyone to join me and see all the moments that we can capture together....

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Chelsa said...

def. joining you!! yay! i love this idea (and i love the ones you already posted, except the poor sick girl :()