Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I can't stand it...

Most of the time these girls are fighting. Like really all the time, but the moment I separate them they
Must be a sister thing. I don't understand the such? They are super fun ages though and the imagination and games we come up with to play are hilarious!

I have told you already how much this girl is enamoured with her bro. She loves him so much! I catch her hugging, kissing, and staring at him all the time!

Ayla is very gentle and subtle with the attention she gives him. She whispers and seems more hesitant to bother him. It seems as if nothing in her world changed at all. He fit seemlessly into her life.

We are all having vacation fever around here. Geez, maybe just a change of pace would help? I realized this is my last year to have days off of school since Ayla will be in school full-time next year. Ugh. Trying to talk daddy in doing something fun for spring break w us!

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Ashley said...

I think I would be getting vacay fever too...esp after seeing other beach photos/ hearing about the beach. If you think about it summertime is almost here!!!! Yay! That would be a good time too! hehe.

The photos really do show how you described their personalities!

Chelsa said...

I have vacay fever too! We are going to Gulf Shores the beginning of May and it can't possibly get here soon enough.

Love all the pics!