Monday, March 19, 2012

Many (mini) Milestones

Lil man sleeps a lot. I am getting used to it so hopefully he doesnt hatch to quickly!
He started smiling a lot in his sleep his first week. Around day 15 he smiled at me for real for the first time.
Day 11: cord fell off
Day 18: first tub bath
2weeks old with the bunny the girls bought him. Wanted to remember size difference
He has huge feet. As u can see they are as long as his calves!
Day 21: first day at church
Day22: Reaching at toys

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Chelsa said...

awwww!! he is sooo cute!

Beth said...

His feet are so long! But in a beautiful way. Abe looks so much like the girls. Am I allowed to call him that? I say it in my head every time I see his picture and I just think it is the cutest little nickname. But I get mad when people call Theo 'TJ' so you're entitled to say 'no nicknames.' Glad things are going well. I feel like T didn't smile at me for six months!

Ashley said...

He is ADORABLE!!!! You two make the cutest kids:) And from the pics looks like he is going to look like his big sisters!!

Jen said...

He is gorgeous! Can't wait to see you guys!!