Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet Abram: NICU

In the afternoon I had him I noticed a knot on his head, that knot grew in sie, and after a ct scan... off to the nicu we went... I don't really have many pics from when he was in the high risk area because, well, I had just given birth without recovery time and we were stressed to the max. We were told he had one of two different types of hemorrhages, one that could possibly be life threatening and the other easily recoverable. Sigh.
We thankfully moved out of high risk fairly quickly. He was more alert and starting to get a sucking reflex. This day seemed like 5. We missed our girls, our home, we're overwhelmed and nervous. But throughout it all we had hope. He continued to improve each time we saw him. Abram spent his first 3 days in that hospital before being cleared. Final diagnosis was what we prayed for a cephalohematoma. His knot should begin to reabsorb and go away.
We came home just in time to take Leah to ER to check if she dislocated her arm.... Geez it was a tough week. BUT we are here. We are safe & healthy. We are loving our new family dynamic! The girls are adjusting well to bro just trying to gt back on schedule. Mommy is tired but hnging in there. We have been showered with love, prayers, food, and gifts. I feelso loved and so very blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!

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Tera said...

Aww! So glad he was ok! It's weird how your mind tunes things out at times...when Braylee had the cephalhematoma, I don't even remember thinking about it because she wasn't breathing! ;) I was freaking about the 27% sats! Braylee left the NICU with 8 diagnoses. You're right, it is so overwhelming. Praising Jesus for a healthy Abram, at home with his momma and daddy where he should be! Congrats again!!

Jen said...

Glad to hear you are getting back to norm. I can't get over how cute this little guy is!!

Beth said...

Abram is an absolute doll! I have looked at these pics a couple of times I must admit.

I am glad things turned out well for you guys and that he is healthy and you are all home together! I hope things are going smoothly as a family of 5. I am sure they are.

(When T was diagnosed with his cord defect, we worried so much about what it might mean for his future. Now it is just a memory!)

B.W. said...

Glad to hear that your new arrival is healthy and safe. What a wonderful blessing!