Friday, March 16, 2012

Spilling it...

Man, I wish I could say we are all well adjusted and rested. But that would be stretching the truth a bit! It's been a long 2 weeks home. A lot of people say "going from 2 to 3 is the hardest". Honestly, adding any children is obviously a change but I would not say it's been hard.

What IS hard?

Showering everyday. Being on time. Spending one-on -one time with each kiddo and the hubs. Blogging. Nursing through the night.

Every bit is most certainly worth it. The girls are doing spectacular! Ayla, just like when sis came along seems un phased. She likes to help and love on him, but doesn't get in his face too much. Her favorite thing is to sing to him. Leah Loves her brother with a Capitol 'L'. It's so cute. Every single diaper change or bath she drops whatever she's doing and is right there. She wants to hold him and talks in high pitched, silly voices to him. They just may be pals. BUT Leah is also a big time mommy girl. And after our unexpected stay in nicu for 3 days it hit her really hard that life was changing! She wasn't eased into any of it. My heart ached for her when she called me just to say " I need to snuggle u". Gulp. I needed her too!

Once we got home we had a few issues including a trip to the ER, super tired defiance, and potting in her pants. Ugh. Now that time has passed and we are back on our normal schedule I think we are good. Not at anytime has either sister been upset with brother. I just feel like I tell them... After I feed brother... A lot. They are learning patience, I guess?

I have a mini milestone post coming up on silly things us mamas don't wanna forget. So I was trying to think of things I'd want to remember a bout right now.

Right now I just love his crooked mouth and those sleepy, milk induced smiles. I love this gorgeous weather and what it does for all our moods even Abram. Right now I love how Leah needs me to help her with anything like I am a super hero. I love how quickly Ayla is picking up Pre-k material and is finally eager to work on things! I love how Abram fits right into our family even though we feel clueless sometimes.


Erica said...

wowza girlie sounds like a roller coaster! It is so nice to hear true, real stories about siblings. Hoping things start falling more into place for you guys. I have missed hearing about you guys.

Chelsa said...

glad to "hear" from you on the blog :) i feel lost since i'm not on FB, but honestly don't miss it!

glad everyone is doing well (although momma is tired)!