Monday, November 28, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving Wrap Up

I am much better at keeping up daily accounts on Facebook. Just because of its ease to post. I finished my daily thankful 'reminders' on there and wanted to copy them over here. It is quite neat to see the moods I was in each day this month! I would love to have a heart of Thankfulness every day. Its sad that sometimes its hard to squeeze it out.

‎11: Today and every day I am thankful for those who serve our country on & off our soil. It is such an admirable, selfless job! Thanks!

12: Thankful for so many wonderful friends & family to be around to share in celebrating life!

13: Thankful for time. Time with God, with those we love, the present.

14:‎ Thankful for plenty of food to eat.

15: Thankful for reminders: Listening to my little girls praying before their (pretend) tea party. Reminds me that I may be not messing everything up! :)

16: Thankful for our playgroup. These kids are awesome and the moms are even cooler! Getting ready to have them all invade soon...

‎17: Thankful for baby kicks. They make me smile everytime.

18: Thankful for wonderful parents to raised me to self sufficient and confident.

‎19: Thankful my husband thinks Im sexy in sweats!

‎20 & 21 : Thankful for a warm house on rainy days and plenty of warm clothes to put on myself and my kids. Even if my belly is getting too big for most of them, and I wish I could go out and buy the newest/best for my kids. We are very well taken care of :)

‎22: Thankful to have a sense of humor on days like today.

23: Thankful for the feeling holidays gives most people.

24: Thankful for all the wonderful people who are in my children's lives that continue to help mold them with Jeff and myself. Since 'it takes a village to raise a child' I am thankful to have the best family and friends around! Plus a Heavenly Father who guides and protects!

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