Friday, November 25, 2011

Trading BOWS for BLUE

Time seems to be in warp speed as we are still trying to wrap our brains around bringing a little man into our home soon. I, actually, am getting pretty pumped about the new adventure. Overwhelmed at times, but still pumped.

A few updates on this pregnancy so far...

At 26 weeks I have gained 12 lbs. I think this is fairly close to what I was with the girls.

Girls are really excited about having a baby brother.

Nothing done in the nursery yet. Alot of stuff on my 'Nesting' list to do! Mainly some home projects that we've let slip and won't be up to doing with a newborn. I wrote one out when I was pregnant with Leah too. Nothing like a baby on the way to light a fire under your rump!

I feel good. Starting to get alot of heartburn lately. This time its definitely worse than with the girls. Its like I need to breathe fire! Possibly a full head of hair? We'll see. This means no cravings anymore.

Lil man is much more active in the womb than before. But, he seems to be pretty mellow all together. Id love for that to ring true later in the winter, too!

No names picked. Definintely open for suggestions. If I am honest, I have a list of 3-4 names that I have liked since the beginning of this pregnancy. Jeff just can't stick to one quite yet. He also seems to want to keep a secret. So, the name might be under wraps? Only time will tell :)

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Chelsa said...

you ppl and your secrets :) lol!! boo to heartburn- i had it w/ all three boys really bad! and they all had heads full of hair :)