Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Season's 1st Snow!

The excitment of the first snow is magical! The girls watched as the rain slowly changed from flakes and cheered as the flakes grew fluffy and the rain stopped. It definitely changed the mood around the house from a gloomy morning to celebration! Even Gus was loving it.

But we couldn't just stay in all morning. Gus needed to get his first taste of the white stuff and the girls and I didn't want to miss it! So out we went to the front porch... I know Im a downer. Ha. Lunch was on the stove and so we ventured out just for a few minutes. But, it was perfect still.

Obviously, Gus enjoyed it.

And I think its safe to say we're ready for more...
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Tera said...

That's how we felt...watching the gloomy rain change to cheery white flakes! Love Leah's coat. :)

Ashley said...

Snow pictures are so pretty! I agree too that it changed the mood in the day! Totally unexpected and I was running errands when it got pretty slick in like 20