Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leah Hope: 13 months

Wow. I was so good at this. Every month marker I took pics on the day and posted. But, it hit me the other day that her 13th month marker had past. Really? Was that the fastest month of my life- or what?

Regardless, we're here. She is getting so big! I am so proud of her and just fall in love with her personality every day. She has got me wrapped around her finger, I tell ya. I better get ready for the 14 month mark- bc its right around the corner!

Leah Hope at 13 months is....

weighs 23.2lbs & 31.5in tall

walking and running Every.Where.

very social. But learning her boundries. Likes to touch, scratch, grab & explore people & faces. That isn't always awesome. Most other kids don't like this. But, she is a lover. She loves to give kisses and hugs really tight.

still very much a Mommy's girl :)

talking more and more every day. New (clear) words this month cak-a (cracker), mimi (my mom), papaw (p's are very pronouced), ap-ple (again love the p's) & nana (banana). She mostly jabbers and looks at you like you're nuts for not knowing what she is saying.

her hair is growing. Doesn't totally dig for Ma to put in her pretties though.

a little piggy. Eats.all.the.time. I seriously feel like I am feeding her every hour. Her fave foods are yogurt, berries, noodles, cheese, graham crackers, raisins or dried fruits.

likes to push cars around and say vrrrroom, digs in the sandbox, follows her sister, take walks, loves to be outside. Starting to sit through books now (yay!). There are so many books I have been wanting to update our collection.

loves looking at her animal book. Can point out several animals when asked (if she wants to cooperate) like cow, horse, dog, cat, bird, duck, & monkey. Can make animal noises for dog, cat, duck, sometimes cow & roars for lion, tiger, bear, dino- anything big ha.

Can make a 1 with her fingers when asked how old she is.

Music moves her. When music is on she dances and sways her hips. She also mimics Ayla & I when we sing- so sweet.

We love you Leah Hope in all your glory! I hope you are always as curious, inquizitive, loving, loud, and silly as you are right now. We're looking forward to a great summer of alot of big girl firsts!
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Brookeanne said...

I love your new family pic! Britt is so good and your family is beautiful.

Brittany said...

Leah looks adorable!! Ooh the pool just screams its summer! YES!!

Chelsa said...

Love the new header pic of your gorgeous family!

can't believe leah is 13 mo. old! wow! she is such a cutie!

Brookeanne said...

Actually, those are specialized covers that have it so you need to start entering the cord in and slightly turn in order to open it up to reach the actual outlet. I HIGHLY recommend them if you have cords that you use regularly, but that are close to where your child can reach them. I honestly don't know where they came from, but I doubt they're hard to find :)/

Caroline and Kyle said...

You have a beautiful family! Love the pictures!