Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have alot to catch up on. Last week was a really busy one with lots of activies, CMOE, and playdates. I feel more behind than usual. I was planning for Ay's big party so kinda missed out updating some pics. A post on that coming soon....

I am a little teary today thinking of my oldest being three. I woke up and thought- "where did my babies go?" Leah toddled into my room and Ayla sang me a Happy Mother's Day tune her and daddy made up. Sigh.

Ayla officially turned three yesterday. We had an awesome princess party complete with a bounce house. Because doesn't all princesses have bounce houses? :) I am fairly certain Ayla thought she was keeping it for good bc she asked to go jump with Leah today. Eek. Maybe we should have explained that to her first?

Regardless, it was a great day. The weather really didn't slow us down much. I am enjoying my Mother's Day by sitting in sweatpants on the couch and blogging. All I asked for was a picture on MD with my girls and hub. We'll see how that turns out. hehe But, was sweetly greeted with flowers and a new bible (mine got ramsacked by hoodlums last week).

Party post in the works- as soon as I can make myself get off the couch to upload pics. But, its Mother's Day and I can do what I want... to an extent.


Jessie said...

I can't remember if you got a pic of Ayla & Koen kissing or not, so if you don't I"ll have to send you mine. It's ADORABLE! I can't stop looking at it and laughing. I think you do great at updating w/pics...waaaayy better than me! I'm past the even trying point :) Oh and what did I tell you about sweatpants? Ha, jk...can't wait to see party pics!

Tera said...

Happy Birthday, Ayla!! I remember it being hard when Braylee turned 3 too! Ha- we just went to CMOE today! :) Can't wait to see pictures from A's party!

Chelsa said...

I think when B turned 3 that was the hardest year on me (so far!). It just seemed sooo old!

I caught up on all your updates! Fun times! We love cmoe too! Fun place- B went there on a field trip this year.

Your MD picture was adorable! You do have a beautiful family!