Thursday, May 27, 2010

Playgroup: Summertime Edition

I guess its sad when this many parents scurry to play in a baby pool/slipnslide.
Its hot, man!

So we slathered up with sunscreen and headed out the door.

Check out that belly. Delicious.

Ayla did not get the concept of running and throwing yourself on the ground for fun.
Though she giggled and watched her buds. Lanie has got it down.

Abby showing off her skills while the girls watch. Poor Cope only dude of the day.

It was a little relief from this quick heat.
One day maybe someone will invest in a Real pool. ;)
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Chelsa said...

we did slip n slide yesterday (me and B both...) um yah, my stomach muscles are SORE today! b doesn't quite getting the sliding on your belly part- he slides on his knees! haha!

ay looks PRECIOUS in her swim suit!

Brittany said...

Looks like a blast... so sad we missed it. The first hot day for playgroup and we were gone :( I noticed from the pics that Mere has the same bathing suit as Lanie!