Thursday, July 8, 2010


I was too lazy to actually pick up the camera to snap any of real fireworks.
I was loving having both girls snuggled up on my lap under Leah's blankie.
Our time zone is nuts! They didn't start the show until 10pm.
Thankfully the Jeff & Dusty show didn't mess around :)

Here's my sweet family all sweaty and tired getting ready to start our own fireworks.
Wasn't it beautiful at dusk!

Cutest lil bug. :) Leah's eyes still kill me and hope she doesn't get away with everything after looking deeply into someone's eyes with those baby blues.

My cousin Brian and his girl Maren. She's cute, but didn't dig being up late to watch the silly things in the sky. Mad fire. Then she fell asleep in her dad's arms. So sweet.

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Chelsa said...

leah's eyes are gorgeous!!!

wonderful family picture! YOU look amazing!

Tera said...

Great family picture! Maren's bow is adorable!

Abby said...

Courtney, Yes we LOVE our picnic table.. I love the size of it and that there are benches all around.. holds more kids... we also have the umbrella and love it too! we used the table in the house while we were without a kitchen table! the kids ate off of it for every meal.. now i'm having a hard time getting Pierce back into his highchair..:(ugh..he is getting way to big!

Leah Robinson said...

It's possible we will have stuff done by Friday night. We aren't even getting tables until 2nite....text me your number and then I can text u to let u know! 787-1154 =)