Saturday, July 3, 2010

West Baden Gardens 2010

Each year we go to the gardens & dome to walk around. It is so beautiful, quiet, and kept up so well. I love old architecture, buildings with a story, and brick driveways. The weather was wonderful on our trip. It cooled down enough to enjoy the outdoors, but it was still summer.

The night we choose to walk the gardens is usually our only night by ourselves- us 4. Its nice. We run around, burn some energy and maybe stop by DQ on the way home. So glad we don't have one of those in Washington. Its embarrassing enough when the Scoops girls call out our order when we walk in.

To be honest the gardens is kinda "my thing" on this trip. As the girls grow older its getting harder and harder for me to take good pics of them. Unfortunately, its pushed me into leaving my camera out of it or forgetting it all together. I don't want to miss a moment though. When we are there its a little photo playground- every background is beautiful and running is definitely allowed.


Brittany said...

Your pics are cute. The landscaping is so beautiful. Sad we had to miss coming to FL because I was going to try and snap some pics of everyones kiddos. BTW-just read your post on Leah being 14mo. Can't believe she is that old!!!

Tera said...

I agree...the gardens are beautiful! It looks like the girls enjoyed it too.