Thursday, July 22, 2010

What have you been up to?

Time is sweeping away from me slowly. I am tired just thinking about it ha. It seems everytime I try to get my girls back on some semblense of a schedule we are off again on another adventure. ha

We have had some construction going on in our master bath for a little over a week now, which means men need to have access to my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning. Ick. Again, tired. I usually curl in with Ayla for a little bit, but its just not the same. Leah is trying to figure out whether she wants to nap once or twice a day. I don't remember it being so strange with Ayla. Though it was just us 2 then... She seems content with one nap a day, but she'll only sleep 1.5 hrs and that is almost half of what she was doing. Just makes me concerned that she's not getting enough sleep. We'll figure it out.

She's delightful.

Since we're attempting shift our nap times, I have been putting both girls down to rest a bit earlier. I thought Id flip through tv and "rest" myself a couple times. Oh my. My fave quote... "fried pickles take pickles to a whole new level" WHAT? What do people watch, oh my goodness. I lost serious brain cells. Well, maybe my fave is the show "I didn't know I was pregnant". First of all, the title gives the whole thing away. Seriously. Really?! Who doesn't know they are pregnant until they are in labor- or better yet til they have the baby in their pants. No joke- she didn't even think to pull down her pants. HA Lots of babies born in a commode apparently also. Geez. It sucked me in to its ridiculous. As a nurse I have seen alot of ignorance or people not listening to the signs their body gives them but that show just makes me laugh.

Ps. I knew at 3 wks I was pregnant with both of my kiddos

On another note, Im currently on a baking kick. I baked homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch the other day. I may post the recipe it was lovely! :) Pizza dough from scratch the next day. Baked Oatmeal for breakfast today. YUM. Thank goodness for zumba night. oh ZUMBA- I havne't talked about zumba. Its my new obsession. That's a whole post on its own.

I know that was a bunch of jumble, but I felt like I could get somewhat caught up on happenings around here. Im packing up to take the fam to Cinci for the weekend for my nephews 2 bday and the zoo. We are all pretty pumped about it. What have you been up to?

I will leave you with a few fun random pics of my fave girls....


Chelsa said...

yum- those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING! def. post the recipe!

my nurse at twh was telling me about a patient she had the week before that didn't know she was prego. she went to the hosp er b/c she was having stomach pains and then apparently a baby was falling out her whoo hoo. i mean seriously?!

i too knew at 3 weeks with all my boys so i just don't get how you don't know?!

have fun in cinci!

Tera said...

Oh...the cinnamon rolls look sooo yummy!! Yes, post the recipe!

Love the bathtub picture! Have a safe and fun trip this weekend.

Jessie said...

Zumba is awesome!! Where are you going to class tonight? Our reg one is off for a couple weeks...

Erica said...

Those cinnamon rolls look oh sooooo yummy!!!! I love reading all your little updates, you make me laugh and smile :)

Brookeanne said...

I know exactly what you mean! I had a pregnancy test taken at the doctors two weeks before I could get one positive on a take-home test. When the doctor's one came back negative they told me I was mistaken... but I KNEW ;). That show is strange and addicting. We got rid of our cable so I haven't seen it since last year.

The kids have grown and look totally cute! Leah has some serious hair that would certainly make Claire jealous ;)