Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Im so lucky!

Im so lucky to have these girls in my life....

I sure love my dance team. I love to spend time with them, laugh, be goofy and know that they are safe with me. And I am with them. God gives us certain tasks in our lives to challenge, grow, and move us forward. Coaching is that for me. Sometimes a love-hate relationship. But, its girls like this that I know I am doing it for the right reasons.

Sunday we had a small Christmas party ate food, laughed, watched a movie, and discussed our future. Tuesday we will meet again on the floor and start practicing again hopefully for a sucessfull season. Regardless, of the number of trophies we bring home we will still have a great year!!

I plan on posting a home tour of our Christmas decor soon. Want to join me? Also, I think a new way to remembering our blessings to come.

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Brandi said...

what a cool way to build relationships and speak into young lives... to show them what a family should like like.... all that good stuff, and the dancing is the common ground that brings you all together!