Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leah Hope: 8 months

Wow. Its hard to believe that we've had Leah here for 8 months. Its been the fastest 8 months of my life. However, it feels like old hat- like she's been with us forever.

Leah is....

Crawling all over the place but her belly isn't consistantly off the ground. Boy does she gets somewhere fast though!

Recently, trying to sit after crawling.

Laughs all the time!

Finished her last time breastfeeding the day she turned 8 months old. Double my goal of 4 months. Go Mommy :) (this was sad day though- mixed emotions)

Eating 2 full, solid meals a day plus snacks. She likes her snacks! Fave foods include feeding herself whole green beans, crackers, and peas. Baby food faves are oatmeal w/ cinnamin & Mama's homemade apple sweet squatatoe (my own recipe)

Waves and says "buh-buh"

Signs for "milk" and says "ba-ba" signs "more" sometimes when feeding herself.

Has become VERY attached to Mama. Whimpering for me. Doesn't want to go to Daddy sometimes bc she wants me. So cute and so hard at the same time!

Still in a size 3 diaper, wearing 6-9 & 9 mo clothes
Starting to play more like a big girl with Ayla. Especially in the tub. So cute how you guys splash around with each other.
Loves to play patty cake and claps alot!
And best of all... Leah is Sleeping through the night WAHOO

We are getting geared up for her first Christmas celebrations and her first Big vacation. Mommy is kinda more excited about the vacation. We're going to see Mickey soon. :) Ayla is quite pumped as she asks me daily if it is Jesus' birthday or if we are going to Mickey's "clubhouse" today. Very cute!


Chelsa said...

she is a gorgeous baby!! great pictures!

vacation sounds AMAZING right about now!

Leah Robinson said...

So precious! WOW time sure does fly!!

Tera said...

She gets cuter every day. Love her shirt.

Jessie said...

What a sweetie! I bet she'll have that belly pulled up and crawling in no time! I'm glad you're going to Disney before can give me some pointers about how to make our trip a little easier with a baby in tote!;)

Abby said...

cortney, just wanted to let know you we used the icing food coloring that you get from wal-mart in the wedding/cake decorating section. over be crafts.. it is much STRONGER than regular food coloring and wasn't bad at all.. we also added some strawberry flavoring to some of them... with the flavor oils... they weren't bad.. something different and a little twist to just sugar cookies! they were a bit hit though.. have fun!

Libby said...

Pretty baby, Neat pictures!!

Sheridan said...

what a cutie!!! love the big bow in her hair, very sweet :)