Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our home at Christmas time...

Our home at Christmas time means alot of baking so just pretend you can smell cookies as your reading. Let me know if they burn. Kidding. I never burn my cookies.

I took these photos a while back. To tell you the truth, since we're done with our family Christmas Im kinda ready for them to be down. But, not ready to actually do it OR ready to see my house look empty. It always seems as if my house to very empty after the lights, garlands, ribbons and bows are gone. So maybe I'll just keep them up? Who would judge....

Our entryway with a sweet baby Ayla pic and nestled penguins.

Our staircase is one of my fave spots. See the mistletoe? Yeah. I typically forget its there.
Sorry babe!

Our countdown to Christmas. This has been a great tool to help build Ayla's counting skills. We were really good in the beginning. Id hide a small treat inside if we could count to the number. She can count independently to 15 most times, but she doesn't know her colors so its a trade off I guess.
The girl's tree in Ayla's room. I think it turned out cute.
Ay loves it on and Leah loves to lick the ornaments (ew).

Of course our big tree. Id love to get a collection of trees around our house.

Our keepsake ornament tree and my vintage ice skates.

A couple of my fave spots.... nativity scene. Id love to build on it. Stocking with 'hope' & 'joy' figures. I love what my girl's names stand for. It goes with the Christmas season so well. Because as you know the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior was (and IS) a symbol of Hope and Joy for all!

Well, gotta go. My cookies are done. Hope you enjoyed your tour.
Im sure I left some things out, but you'll come back right?
PS. No actually baking was done in this process. More like organizing recycling, cleaning, packing,
making veg soup, children napping YAY, and oh yeah, making this post.


Chelsa said...

you crack me up! thanks for letting me in :) your trees and decor are so cute! i agree i am ready to have them down, but not ready to do it! lol and it does feel empty w/ out it all.

Jessie said...

Your Christmas decor looks great. I have the same nativity set that you do and have also been meaning to build on it. I still can't believe you'll be heading out on Christmas Day! I'm sure you'll have fun though. I love the anticipation that comes with vacations!! Hope your veggie soup turned out great.