Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Like most people I have a few resolutions in mind. I have never really been a person to set unachievable goals for myself once a year only to drop. I like to set small goals for myself and my family often.

This year I will resolve to clipping the pacifer. Sorry Ayla. Sweet girl still loves her paci (at bedtime only). But, its time. Or beyond time? Tomato. Tomatoe.

I resolve to feed myself and my family healthier meals always. We tend to eat pretty well, but I know we can do better. More whole foods. More raw fruits and vegis.

I resolve to count my blessings. More often and everywhere. And I encourage anyone to do the same. We are such a blessed nation. To help hold me accountable I plan on posting once a week for 24 weeks. I will follow the alphabet to count spell out my blessings.

So once a week I will update you on the paci, meals, and everything. Each week expect a Thankful Thursday A-Z. January 7th will be my first post.... in case you didn't guess I'll be starting with the letter A.


Chelsa said...

great idea!! :)

Tera said...

Great idea. Is it just me, or are there 26 letters in the alphabet?! :)