Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Party in the USA

Last weekend was a busy one for Christmas parties and the Owens family. We started it off with our annual playgroup Christmas party. This time no babies and throw in the spouses. Go figure I forgot my camera and believe it or not with all those bloggin' mommies... no one had thier camera. Oh well. Good times were had by all. We definitely pack the Bean's new home. Had great food. And played some fun games.

Saturday, we left our babies again to head to French Lick for the Boyd and Sons Christmas party. It is so very beautiful there this time of year. We stopped by the dome and listened to violinist while checking out the biggest tree Ever. We took my dad up to the new PGA course to check it out. Jeff and I have gone up there multiple times but it is gated and never truely seen the sites. Well, we were in luck to catch the gate open. As you can see from the pics, it is beautiful. The course is placed up on top of the tallest hill. It seems as if you can see on forever. After that we hopped over to the hotel for some appetizers, hung out, and waited for the party

I take a pic of us in front of this tree every year. Last year I had a bun in the oven. Wish I could find that pic to compare! I just love how huge the trees are. I wish I had ceilings that tall... or taller at least :)

Hope everyone is gearing up for parties and more. Tis the season they say....


Brittany said...

We were at French Lick a few Christmas' ago for a party and it was beautiful!! Love that place!! I am already excited or our 3rd annual pg party next year:)

Jessie said...

You fooled me.. I thought your title meant that your team was performing to that song :) I was a tad bummed not to hear about some dance moves. Ha;) Oh and your outfit looked great on you. I'm loving the green this season. I love Christmas parties. We're partying again tonight for sm. group!

Chelsa said...

you look so cute in the pics at french lick :)
glad you had a good time at two christmas parties!