Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Fun

This weekend was full of family fun.
And thankfully because it was much needed after all the sickies and storms and in between.
It all started Friday night with a good ol' fashioned movie night.

This was the first time Leah got some popcorn in her bowl.

She thought she was tough stuff.
Mommy made cookies, we popped popcorn and watch Toy Story 2.
It was really cute.

My girls were even cuter :)

Saturday and Sunday we spent time at a family friend's pool. Just a couple hours is enough splashing and squirming.

Ayla has gained alot of confidence in the pool this year. She is still a very cautious person by nature, but will float around in her ring and kick her feet. Still won't jump in, but that's ok.

One day.

Leah Loves the water. Giggles so loud and kicks her legs. Kinda clings to whoever is holding her a bit though. I hadn't been sucessful in talking her into using a baby float. Until this weekend that is! Things will be alot easier this summer being able to take the girls swimming on my own!

Looking forward to more family fun this summer..


Jennifer said...

1. I miss you, too! I'm planning a trip to Washington--soon 2. We totally moved again. :( 3. Rental is awesome, too far out in the country for me, though 4. Travis is running for Posey County prosecutor (he is a deputy prosecutor right now) 5. You look great! 6. I'll call you when I decide what days I'm coming!

Chelsa said...

i'm sure your girls did look adorable, but your pictures aren't showing up for me :( boo!

*we love the toy story movies at our house :) i can't wait to see the 3rd one!

Tera said...

We love movie night! Brynna eats an entire bag of popcorn by herself! :) Can't believe how big Leah looks sitting on the couch with her sis.