Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Speckled. That's what my kids have been on & off for the past couple weeks. I hate when my kids are sick. And lately it seems like that's all they have been. It first started off with Leah. She got a fever and treated for her ears again. Soon after the rash (speckles) appeared. The nurse in me HAS to know what's up and the mom in me NEEDS to worry.

I figured out it was handfootmouth disease after a day or so. Ayla had it around the same age Leah is now. Its pretty harmless. So we stayed in. Not so fun when its so nice out! Little did I know the speckles were to make another appearance. Late last week Ayla got the fever. The next day I started to notice the speckles.

This time we were certain Ayla got chicken pox. Why me? I went out that night and purchased $20 worth of anti-itch everything. Lotion, oatmeal bath, benedryl cream... the works. The next morning we had planned to take the girls to the water park. Ayla woke to more rash, but it didn't raise or get angry or anything characteristic of chicken pox. We continued to stare and wait on her speckles. Some faded some multiplied. Its weird. After 72, I concluded it must have been some sort of strain of what Leah had. We stayed in the house most of the weekend.

But why is that my kids are the ones who get sick. We eat well. Never from the box (except macncheese which is my vice- oh how I adore thee). Both girls fave foods are fruit & vegis. They both eat salad with dinner. I carry hand sanitizer in every bag I own and Leah has known how to rub her hands together since she was way to young!

The speckles have left the building though. Today Ay woke with just a few faded areas left. Leah has some dried skin as reminder of its presence. And we all are ready for a summer outdoors and with friends free of speckles or anything other bug!


Chelsa said...

your poor girls! glad their speckles are gone! hopefully you guys will be healthy the rest of the summer!!

Chelsa said...

p.s. yes, c is huge! i weighed him last night at home and he was 15 1/2 at home... although, now that i look back at pics of b he was a pretty chubby baby too! c looks just like b's baby pics. especially his eye and lips...(b looked just like my baby pics). C has ryan's chin though.

Kelly said...

I hope your little girls feel better! It is no fun having sick kids!
Also, I love your header picture...ADORABLE!!

Tera said...

Sorry the kiddos haven't been feeling well. It's good for their bodies to be building some immunities. Hope this is the end of the sickies for the girls this summer!

Mandy said...

we have had some kind of bug too-not fun when it is nice out. We are stir crazy enough as it is but not feeling well on top of that just stinks. Glad everyone is feeling better and hope the sickies/speckles stay far away!

Jessie said...

I just posted and read your comment!:) I've been bad. I'm so glad the girls are getting better..it's hard on mommies. I'm loving our rosette covered blankie...you're so creative! I need to take some lessons...especially now that I have a girl!! Stop by again and bring the fam this time!