Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daddy's Birthday, Traditions, & Such

Traditions are big. I want to be "that mom". You know the one who plans little things for big reasons. I want my kiddos to know they are special. My mom had one tradition...

This cake. This birthday cake.

It's a carmel soaked, double layer chocolate cake, with mousse filling & butterfinger crunchies. Wow. It's amazing. Thanks Mom.

And my husband requested it for his birthday. Because he's into traditions too. (and its delish) Ask and you shall recieve. So I whipped this bad boy up.

We had an awesome time celebrating Daddy's birthday. He's getting old, you know. :)

Happy Birthday, Jeff!
I hope you had an amazing day.
You are so very special to us.
I am so blessed to have YOU as my husband.
PS. So glad we have leftover cake.
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Chelsa said...

okay- i'm so "that mom" too! ryan makes fun of me b/c i'm so into tradition- if aint' (yes i just said aint') the tradition we aren't doing it! haha! love it!

and that cake looks amazing! you should post the recipe!

happy birthday jeff!

oh and i LOVE the family picture. you're so pretty!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

That cake looks amazing...I make one sort of similar, but it never looks as good as that one does! PS--everytime I even go into the kitchen or even think about food, I start to get all pukey. I've been living on applesauce the entire week. ...and my poor family. Grilled cheese, soup, and PB & J.

Brittany said...

Just saw your pumkin post and this one. Fall is most definatly in the air, and it feels great!! Your birthday cake looks so good. Is is still considered a tradition if I just buy a cake! haha! only kidding :)

Jessie said...

What's Britt kidding about? I totally order cakes as a tradition!:) Lol--your cake looks delish though. Maybe I can come over for leftovers? The girls' matching black bows look so cute..are those the ones you got at Steph's party? I can't remember the colors you ended up with. Anyways, tell Jeff we said happy birthday!

Tera said...

I the recipe! It looks super yummy!!! The girls look adorable. Love the one of Leah clapping. :)

Beth said...

must. eat. that. cake!