Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's her party...

Ayla got alot of her looks from her Daddy. But she got alot of her personality from her Mama.
Ayla is our anxious, sweet, and tender-hearted child. I love that about her.
These were taken at dance last week.
Id like to say that I will stop bringing my camera with me every week. But, I just can't make that commitment right now.
Im "that Mom".

Figured I should get Leah in the shot bc when we get to see what Ayla did at class she storms the floor. She likes to "participate" and I am fairly confident she could prob do the class if appropriate. ha Miss Ay got the best listener crown this week at dance. She was So proud (as was I). Miss Brittany gives the crown to a dancer to listened the best the week before.

Unfortunately, when Mommy asked her to stand on her 'x' for Miss Brittany she was bothered. She looked around and said "She's not on the 'x' Mom. I don't want to.... (insert tears)" It was cute and not-so-cute at the same time. Guess I need to ensure nap is taken on dance day. Regardless, she's a good girl.
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Chelsa said...

she's cute even when she is sad though!
way to go Ay on getting "best listener"!! :)

and i'm so "that mom" too- i take my camera everywhere.