Friday, September 17, 2010

Playgroup & Dance Class

I love our playgroup. We've been going for a couple years now and I couldn't imagine our weeks without them. Such a large, incredible group of Christian women chatting, eating, laughing and helping each other through parental craziness/awesomeness.

This past Wed Leah turned 17 mo old, got shots, and it was pg day. Thankfully, no yucky fevers as we've always had in the past. Just a great day with friends and a long nap. Phew.

Leah trying to get in a pic of the big girls. She thinks she is 3 too. ha

Ava & Ayla on the seasaw. They play well together

Our new tradition for Thursday is Ay's dance class. Oh man, does she love it! Its only the second week, but she asks at the beginning of each week if its Thurs yet. :) I hope she continues to love dance like her Mama does. But, if not, she is at least enjoying it now. This week was learning 2nd position and borre turns. So cute!

This is a pic of the girls running around. I am not quite sure if they are supposed to be running around. Most of the kids were doing it? I peeked in the window and this is what I caught.


The Gingerich Girls said...

Glad that you have play groups each week, that is what I miss now that I am working full time...I was sad that we had to miss dance last night, I didn't get off work until late:(

Chelsa said...

she is the cutest little dancer!
C and I still need to come to PG sometime! i always mean to, but then something else comes up!

Casondra said...

Stopping by from Chelsa's blog.

Looks like you have a fun week!

Jessie said...

Oh I miss playgroup! Looks like a good time. Dance class looks like a lot of fun, too. I bet Ayla is a good listener to Miss Brittany. Have fun shopping today!

Brittany said...

I told them to run around :)