Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Because

Today we are just hanging out. Maybe waiting for the cool down. Im so excited for the rain to sweep in and refresh my landscape that I have neglected since July.

Temps are supposed to be delish this weekend too. Though I won't be enjoying them with my hubs. Nope. He is going on a 'manly' man trip this weekend with his dad and bros. But we will get to hang with Ridge and Gina. Eat good food. And take trips to the park. So it won't be too lonely.

Today we are hanging out. A man is working on our water heaters so we don't have to take cold showers anymore. Speaking of showers. The girls bathroom is near complete. Only baseboards and maybe a couple other small things left. So I guess I'll share it with you. Mainly because I think I'll forget by the time those things are done.
View of sink, chandelier, and accessories.

A view from door.

The other day I finished these beauties for Ay's bedroom. They are obviously not hung yet and the lighting is awful. But, Im proud. I bought the canvas for buy one get one so 12 total and ordered the vinyls from etsy. But, Im sure some ladies who have a vinyl cutter or cricut could make something similar or even better.

We are just hanging out today. Because I feel like eating everything in sight. Darn PMS. Am I the only one who feels normal like one week a month and the rest is a rollercoaster. Don't answer that.... Id rather "think" Im normal.

Have a good rest of the week...


Chelsa said...

you are normal- i'm the same way... and eating everything in my sight these days! ugh!

OM goodness- i loveeee the chandelier in the girls' bathroom! perfect for two little princesses :)

Lindsay Lynch said...

You are too funny!! My husband thinks PMS last 3 weeks and you have 1 good week. (I keep letting him think that. Its easier that way.)

Tera said...

I'm "normal" too! :) Love what you've done with the girls' bath. The chandelier and scalloped mirror fit perfectly together! Good job!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

I'm tracking you down to answer your question. A "jelly roll" is a pre-cut pack of fabrics that you usually use to quilt with. They are long strips. Don't worry, I didn't know that a few months ago.

PS - Your girls are GORGEOUS!


Jennifer said...

Love the Alphabet Canvases! So cute! ...and I think you are right about having one normal week! ...except right now, for me, is just craziness. Sick, tired, stressed, tired, tired, sick, tired, happy, tired....ect. Sheesh.

PS Jelly rolls are super cool. Perfect for quilting, which I have said I'm going to start for like 4 years now.