Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I think fall is quickly approaching. I noticed on our outings today a few trees are dropping their leaves, as well as, some starting to change colors. I love when the trees are red, orange, & yellow!

This afternoon after a little time at the library we stopped at the "beach" behind our park just to burn off a little energy. It was windy and warm. Such an awesome combonation. My girls love to chase the ducks/geese. I know, mean. I don't let them get close because they scare me a bit ...ok a lot.

The windblown look is in.


Chelsa said...

i saw this hair style on tv the other day-- they were calling it "the beach look" and it's totally in :)

geese scare me A LOT too- when i was a little a big ol' white goose chased me up on a picnic table at hornady park and bit me right on the butt!

Brookeanne said...

Beautiful pics of the girls :)

Tera said...

Awww, sweet pictures! I love days like that!

Brittany said...

Isn't is great that fall is almost here!! The girls looks cute!!