Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Park with Friends

We took a fun trip to the park the other day. We are very thankful for the reprieve from the humidity early in the day. Truthfully, it was the first trip to the park we've taken in a very long time. Maybe all summer. I can't even remember.

I can't remember a summer being as hot as this one had been. So we've had to be aware of the heat so much. I love fall.... not quite ready to be totally done with summer. Knowing its around the corner has been enough for me.

Leah loves to think she is a "big girl" and really does a pretty good job at keeping up with them.

Sweet Sisters.

I baked cookies the day before and thankfully packed enough for the crew we ran into.

I love that my girls have such great friends. No matter where we will be when they are older I know we will always remember the friendships they have now.

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