Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Slowest Project Completors Ever

That's us. Me moreso. I get a fire under my butt and want to get stuff done SO bad and then I get almost done and something foils my plans. I need help, or don't have enough stuff, run out of paint, too short, not trusted with a drill, and so on.

I guess that is why I cook bc I know that its my domain and I know I can do what I want, when I want. That I complete.

Here's a list of projects that are long awaited to be completed.....
(Updates in red- what was actually done this weekend!)

We have lived in this home for 2 years now. Never had house numbers on. People get confused ya know fed-ex and pizza delivery is important. We did purchase said letters about a month ago. One foot in front of the other, I suppose. I asked Jeff to put them on today. I'll let you know how that goes :)

Numbers on front of house... check!

Plus added some chairs we had already. Wouldn't be my pick, but its something. Hopefully it will cool down soon so we can actually use them. We need something for that large expanse of white brick and pull up the gross brown outdoor carpet. Why would someone carpet their porch? My mom says we'll have to put more carpet down- ew. Any other suggestions?

Ayla's bedroom transition. We decided to move Ay to her full size bed around her birthday in May. So since May (or April) its been "under construction". Don't get my wrong lots has been done, but lots have been left unfinished. I repainted while two girls played under my feet. Jeff hung the molding after work in evenings. But there is touch ups to be done and molding needs caulked. She has 6 outlets in her room which were grody beige- only 3 have been switched to white. Then the girls tub had a leak and so we pulled up the floor in the bath and so goes the next project... Now the bath is painted and ready for new floor, but who has the time for that? Leak is fixed and accessories are bought. Last night I put this awesome collage together on her wall. Plan to 'start' the floor this weekend... hehe

Rockin' collage.... check.

Plus, tile is 60% down. Hit a snag with our saw. Hope that gets done tonight?!

I designed our master bath with walk-in showers years ago. After being here for 2 years, I just got used to it being a dirty hole in the bathroom. ha People would come by and I'd be like.. and that's supposed to be our shower. ha We recently contracted it out bc apparently there is a deadline you have to set for yourselves. See we were going to tile it ourselves--2 YRS AGO ha Its finally in its last stages. Jeff is putting on the fixtures as I type.

Sealed the shower.... check!
This shower is extremely large. 2 shower heads, etc. Its a beast. But, I think it turned out beautiful!

I also framed and hung several pics throughout the house. Some from our last family shoot and one wedding pic that I enlarged. We had only a few wedding pics up and I thought it was weird. We have so much more to go. Most of the walls still seem so bare. How is that? Hopefully, the girls bath will be done soon. I ready to put it all together!


Beth said...

wow! look at you, checking things off your list. are you available as a consultant? i think i asked you that already about paint colors, haha. way to go - everything looks nice.

Jenelle said...

I wish my list was being checked off like yours! I have been making a list of all the to do's around the house for when the kids go back to school next week. It seems so overwhelming! My deadline is before I go back to the preschool Sept. 8th. Wish me luck!!

Brandi said...

we don't have house numbers either..... but sometimes that makes giving directions easy.... i just say we are the ONLY house WITHOUT numbers!!

Tera said...

I finally ordered an address plate for our mailbox in June but still haven't put it on yet. No one knows how house number either! :) Looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished in the last few days though! (Oh- and about the front steps...could you peel up the carpet, scrap all the glue off and then stain the concrete??)

Chelsa said...

you make me feel better about all my uncompleted projects! although, yours seem to be getting checked off faster than mine! :)
that's what we get for being project girls i guess!