Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Updates

The weeks have been flying by so quickly, which is nice because time outside is limited with the excessive heat. My girls want to go out. Even Leah has caught on by grabbing shoes (anyone's) and repeatedly asking to go "bye-bye".

Unfortunately, we haven't gotten to go out much. Id really like to sit in the sun a few more times before fall hits. But, I have a feeling its going to be scorching for a while then BAM hit us with cool weather. Thank you, Midwest living. Fall is by far my favorite season. Cozy weather, sweaters, fires & smores, leaves changing colors, and people spending more time together instead of running around. Good stuff. I'll put my fall feelings aside for awhile and enjoy the rest of summer. Its awful hard to even plan for fall clothes for your kids when its 120 degrees outside!

We've been finishing up some projects slowly but surely. We got our hands on a wet saw and the girl's bathroom floor should be tiled by this evening and grouted by the weekend. I can't wait to see it all come together. I got an awesome deal on a mini chandelier online. Ayla calls it her princess light. It will look so sweet. Once we pull this all together I think we'll take a break from projects for a bit. We wouldn't want to get ahead of ourselves or anything :)

Early this week Ayla had a 'mystery fever'. She woke up pretty droopy, 104 temp. (she tends to spike high) When it was just the two of us, Id let her ride it out a bit. Now that Leah is here I envision 2 wks caught in the house and it scares me. So we saw the NP and didn't really get any clear answers. What do you do?

We've been doing alot inside lately. The girls love crafts. So, lots of playdough, painting and coloring has taken place. I stayed up late the other day making a memory game for Ayla to learn her letters. She is kinda hard to focus on her learning activities and I've figured out how/when to do a few things with her. If I make it a silly game she just wants to guess and be done. But, she is liking working with her workbook for short periods of time. And so far has really enjoyed doing this puzzle with me. I think she likes the one-on-one time with Mommy. We say the letter, the sound, and a word associated with it. Hopefully, we'll get some results soon. It can't hurt right?


Beth said...

i love that memory game you made! and it is hot. hotter than i remember. it looks like you're making the best of it! take care!

Jessie said...

Good idea with the game! I think you can buy a puzzle that is really similar to the game you made at wm maybe? It has the shapes of all the letters and you put the right letter in its spot--same idea. Glad she is enjoying working with you a little more!!