Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leah Hope: 15 1/2 months

Really? How hard is it for me to do this on time? ha Apparently with a summer like this one... very hard! Oh well. Better late, than never.

Leah Hope at 15 months...

is very physical. Runs well. Tries to jump. Dances. Runs into walls- and shakes it off. Climbs on everything. Tries to stand in high chair.

is very vocal. Has a very large vocabulary (just like her sis did at this age) a little mumbly though. She can repeat anything you ask her to. But, I can tell she understands most things. She uses words that I don't remember "teaching" her. Stringing 2-3 words together.

Has good manners. Says "Peas" while signing. "Dank u" or "Dank u Mama" -precious

is very loud. Laughs and shrieks SO loud. Its driving me quite nuts, but I know its bc she's happy.

is very emotional. She loves big and gets upset big. She is super attached to her Mama. Doesn't want anything to do with most if I'm around.

hair growing really fast. Her hair is so much longer than Ay's was and has sweet curls in the back.

likes making silly noises. Learned how to click her tongue. Will stomp her feet to hear a noise and if she doesn't hear anything she'll click her tongue to add effect. ha

is very brave.

eats anything and everything. Loves fruits the best. Pretty good at eating veg. Fave thing is a "nack" (snack) I hear that word over and over all day. She knows how to get into the pantry and pull things out for me to get her. She will also go get a bowl from the cabinet for me to fill.

Seems very tall. Not sure of actual height. I need to start her growth chart. She was 28lbs at her last ear check. Wears size 18-24mo clothes. Size 4 diapers.

has had rough sleeping periods lately. Went through a 2-wk period of freq night wakings. We went to one nap a day and I switched her back to soy milk. She is doing better- usually only once and goes back down in seconds. Its weird!

finally 1 nap a day. 2 hours or more.
plays really well by herself. Loves to play w her babies and push them in her stroller. She tends to pull it behind her instead of pushing it. Not sure why. She also is loving being read to. Will sit through at least two books at a time. I think next month we'll try a library trip? She can also pick out her Bible from the rest of the books and say "bible"... SO cute
learning body parts. Leah knows hair, belly, ear, eyes, nose, mouth, toes.
still very much loves animals and recognizing more and more each month. More clear with animal sounds- meaning not all big animals growl ha.


Jessie said...

I love Leah and her energetic ways. Her vocab amazes me! She's going to be quite a talker I have a feeling :) Your girls are such opposites--but that is so fun!

Chelsa said...

I don't know where those girls would get their talkative gene from?! bahahah!! :)