Friday, August 20, 2010

Leah Hope:16 months

I can't believe that 16 months could fly by as fast as these have. I have watched both of my sweet girls grow and learn so much in this time. I couldn't be more proud-- or busy!

Leah Hope at 16 months....

is very talkative. Saying lots of new words. Sometimes says "no" when meaning yes. Stringing 2-3 words sentences together.

is very silly. Loud, dances, laughs, lives large, runs fast, sings songs.

loves to play with her sister. Is not very good at sharing yet. This has been an issue. We are working on disciplining with time outs. wearing pigtails for the first time.
still in size 18-24mo clothes, size 4 diaper. Seems very tall for her age. Im guessing around 33in. Not sure of how much she weighs, but she has juicy thighs.
loves animals. Knows her animals and associated noises really well. Especially since we went to the zoo last month seems to be more diverse.
can count 1,2,3. Only because she likes to run to you after counting.
her appetite seems to be slowing down. Still eats well and well-rounded, just not in as large quantities.

We are so proud of the girl you've become. We enjoy watching you grow everyday. Ayla loves her little sissy. Looking forward to see what next month brings...


Chelsa said...

I think she is looking so much more like Ay!! Such a cutie!

Jessie said...

Wow it seems like I was just commenting on her 15 month post! Time needs to slow down. Her pig tails and that lil belly are too cute. Maybe we can plan a time to hang out and let the kids play like during Christmas break? lol