Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Success

I was lucky enough to get to go to the preview sale at the last kids consignment sale in Evansville. It was so cool thinking I got to view everything before the rush of the crowds on Saturday.

The amory was packed (sorry, no pic). It was packed with moms and with lots of clothes, toys, books, baby items, costumes, etc. We had a lot of fun and I got some great scores.

I found this vintage babydoll bed for $5.

I love the simplicity of it. The girls love it. Leah evens thinks she needs to "sleep" in it.

I wasn't going to buy Leah any clothes but I have alot of really nice gymb. sets for can't turn away prices. Most were in great condition and came in 4 piece sets with headbands, pants, shirts, sweater, etc.

This is Ay's pile. Not as big as I like, but Im happy with what I found.

I also scored this sweet ride for $10.

It retails for around $80. I found it in pink and purple. I easily turns to trike or big wheel. Ayla loves it and is begging me for a helmet. Ugh. I passed up the cutest helmet at this sale. Oh well.

Another sweet success is the girl's bathroom. It is almost done and Im really happy with how its turning out! I'll share a pic when its totally complete. Just a few more things to finish up.


Chelsa said...

great scores!!
that trike is awesome :)

can't wait to see the bathroom too!

Jennifer said...

You found some good deals! I by passed the pre-sale in March and just went on the day-of. I couldn't believe the quality of the stuff sucked. Some had small holes and looked very worn (of course, with boys you have a little more of that than with girls)...but I thought it was ridiculous. I did score a brand-new looking pair of adidas cleats for T and a sweet Batman car that lights up and makes sounds for $4. Oh yeah, and a pretty cool Thomas book. Sounds like the pre-sale is the way to go!